Tess’ freelance design business established in 2013 grew from strength to strength as she shared her work across multiple platforms. Opportunities appeared endless, but a niggling feeling that this was not her ‘forever’ calling, prompted Tess to pause this course, unpack her truest purpose and, with renewed conviction, explore and release her inner artist.

This bold, brave and audacious sabbatical begot one of her greatest creations yet, The Apricot Memoirs. Something that started as an instinctive experiment in words, colours and sounds, magically fused to become the pages of her very first book. Although its contents came from Tess’ heart, The Apricot Memoirs’ manifestation as a print publication came from the generous hearts of those she continued to speak to and connect with. It was her characteristically honest and astonishingly successful Kickstarter campaign that enabled Tess to self-publish the first of 10 print runs to date. In under two years, Tess’ Apricot pages (printed on illustrious French paper) and her now iconic rainbow art have blazed wildly across borders, social feeds, stores and homes around the world, leaving a golden trail of hope and wonder wherever they go and you can find it all flying further across the globe as an internationally published piece with Andrews Mcmeel Universal.

Tess’s latest collection of words, The Moonflower Monologues, joined her sister title launching internationally this year with Andrews Mcmeel Universal. Its pages call you deeper into places you may have feared to tread, facing the shadows you may have been avoiding, and encourages you to lean courageously into the night seasons.

Tenacious about creative growth, Tess is committed to being as water as she adheres to the every changing phases of life choosing to embrace the creative process as a road map to all the intricacies and rhythms that life brings. She has an unwavering belief that “creative expression will forever grow and change - but her purpose will forever remain the same”.

Those who tune into what Tess’ work has to say, will be struck by the treasures beneath every brush stroke and syllable. And there, amongst her outpourings, you will not only uncover Tess’ infinite inner universe, but most potently, your own.

Her art is in the everyday.